coming out of the SHY closet

Can you call it reconnecting with someone if you’re not really sure you had much of a connection to begin with? Whether it was reconnecting or simply the original connecting, I recently chatted it up with an

costuming it up: fun-e or f-me?

Every year when that time a year rolls around where every other post from a gay dude mentions the movie Hocus Pocus, that dreaded battle always enters my head: do I want to walk that carnival making

the art of the selfie

I suck at “selfies.” I look bored. Irritated. Bloated. Sometimes I look a little creepy, like a guy who has a van that’s on some watch list. Yet I still try. And I still fail. Perhaps because

5 Life Lessons from The Legend of Billie Jean

Ok. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with this movie. I even took a date to see the live version last year, only to bitch later about how I didn’t show up the same night as Helen Slater.

my open letter to paula dean

Dear PD, First off, did you know there’s this guy on who goes by PD? Weird coincidence, right? I wouldn’t go onto the site if I were you. With all that you’ve been through lately I