about mikey

Mikey, that’s me, loves to talk about himself in the third person.

He is a Hollywood based stand-up comic / writer / actor / waiter / motivator / friend / uncle / karaoke superstar / bootcamp enthusiast / chef wannabe and a slew of other things.

As a comic Mikey can be seen all over the country, as well as in the upcoming, “Dante presents…The GAY List.”

Mikey writes for Instinct Magazine, Gay.Net, Life By Me, and E!’s Fashion Police.

His writing career began as a ploy to get friends to come to his shows. He would send an email with an elaborate humorous story and just when you thought it was just for the simple delight of relaying some electronic funny, BOOM! There was a time and date for a show.

“Fooled again!” Said beloved friend and performer Ryan O’Connor. “Promotion, she wrote!”

Mikey loves ANY Angela Lansbury reference.

love and promotion, girl,




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