i’m afraid of confrontation. is that ok with you?

In 7th and 8th grade I was a wrestler. It was natural to join because my brothers were both star wrestlers in our school. Plus, on the occasion that I swung by the wrestling locker room to

hey gays! it’s ok to be…you know…gay.

“Keep pushing that stereotype of gays you two!!” That’s the only really negative comment Teddy and I have gotten so far on our “Besties for Cash” video on YouTube. Honestly, Teddy and I were more bothered by

what happens when you’re waiting for something better?

A writer’s block experiment. That’s what this is. See, I knew I wanted to write a blog tonight because I’m trying to do that whole one blog a week thing, and I already skipped a week. Even

10 automatic Tinder left swipes

I recently joined this phenomenon called Tinder. I was curious and felt I could always use the opportunity to take my self esteem down a few pegs. Though I am confused about this mysterious app. Is it

antsy about the antidepressants

There’s a bottle of Celexa in my drawer right now. It was prescribed to me three weeks ago when I went to see a psychiatrist. I’m kind of embarrassed to even tell you this. My first reaction