Devilled eggs: the holiday socialite’s savior!

You are fortuate enough to be invited to a party. Lucky freakin you. It’s not one of those giant house parties with a caterer and a bartender. Sorry. It’s a smaller gathering of close friends, perhaps a game night or an oscar party. If you haven’t realized yet that a small gab/game fest of your close friends kicks the rager in the self esteem balls, then self help is definitely in your future.

You could resist the urge to bring something. You could also wonder what ugly things the host is saying about you after you leave for not bringing anything. Don’t worry, they’ll only do it behind your back. Or you could choose to WOW them with a  downhome white trash appetizer that will be gone in seconds: the devilled egg.Continue Reading

Does cupid appreciate humor, or just arms?

My blogging started from my inherent need to write long winded emails to my friends, family, and, dare I say, fans? to promote my gigs. This was a favorite of many, so I decided to introduce the new with this one. Enjoy!

Once upon a time,  I liked a boy.  And by liked, I mean I had no idea what his personality was like, but he was hot and looked like he would ignore me just the right amount to make me crazy and have something new to rant to friends about over drinks at the Gold Coast (obviously I wasn’t going to find my Valentine there).

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