I’m Goofy???


Yes, most of you knew that. Some of you think I’m goofy in the endearing way. Some of you think I’m goofy in the crazy uncle who never fully recovered from the war way.  I’m not saying I’m goofy, I’m saying I’m Goofy. We got distracted at the office today and took the “Which Disney Character” are you test…Continue Reading

I Hate Those Three Little Words!


Ever since I moved to this town of elevated angels and broken down barbies, three little words have haunted me. No matter what form of disarray my relationships and hair are in, these words just ride up my ass like a pair of jeans on a hipster. They float around this town, spying on us, ready to pounce and force us to think or even act in abornmal ways, questioning everything from coffee orders to dick jokes….Continue Reading