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10 automatic Tinder left swipes

I recently joined this phenomenon called Tinder. I was curious and felt I could always use the opportunity to take my self esteem down a few pegs. Though I am confused about this mysterious app. Is it

life is too short for subtle

I suck at bar flirting. It’s awkward for me. Not the whole thing, but the important parts. You know, the part where you seal the deal, either with a date or hell of a one-nighter? I suck.

you should be having sex all the time!

In my stand-up routine I often complain of the eons it has been since I last had sex. Unless, of course, I have sex. Then I must wait a few weeks until the complaints can be reintroduced.

facebook me maybe?

Last night a boy gave me his digits. I like to say “digits.” It makes me sound hip. Young. When my niece and nephew lived with me I caught on to all the cool new lingo. When