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costuming it up: fun-e or f-me?


Every year when that time a year rolls around where every other post from a gay dude mentions the movie Hocus Pocus, that dreaded battle always enters my head: do I want to walk that carnival making everyone I can crack up in amusement? Or do I want to throw funny out the window for a night and just try to snag the attention of one of the thousand sexy shirtless vampires out there? It is possible to do both? Yes. Can I? I’m not a wizard, people. Read more

3 things I’ve learned in my 2 months not blogging

mikey suit

If you follow me, you’ve noticed I haven’t given you much to follow in almost two months. I’m going to give you a few excuses, and you will circle the one you will accept with my apology.

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Don’t judge a book by it’s…shoes?


This past week I have been checked out EVERY time I’ve worked out. Like stared down. At the Gym. At Bootcamp. At Runyon Canyon. Kathy Griffin strolled right past us on that more-social-than-struggle of a mountain, but everyone was looking at me. And I got to say those words I’ve always wanted to say.

“Hey! My eyes are up here!” Read more

you’re wearing that to the gym?


Here’s something I’ve never quite grasped. Dressing for the gym. We’ll just get this out of the way right now: the fact that I can even dress myself without being mistaken for a homeless man is remarkable. Though if someone were to throw a dollar into my coffee cup on Larchmont once in a while I wouldn’t complain. Read more