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coming out of the SHY closet

Can you call it reconnecting with someone if you’re not really sure you had much of a connection to begin with? Whether it was reconnecting or simply the original connecting, I recently chatted it up with an

costuming it up: fun-e or f-me?

Every year when that time a year rolls around where every other post from a gay dude mentions the movie Hocus Pocus, that dreaded battle always enters my head: do I want to walk that carnival making

the art of the selfie

I suck at “selfies.” I look bored. Irritated. Bloated. Sometimes I look a little creepy, like a guy who has a van that’s on some watch list. Yet I still try. And I still fail. Perhaps because

5 Life Lessons from The Legend of Billie Jean

Ok. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with this movie. I even took a date to see the live version last year, only to bitch later about how I didn’t show up the same night as Helen Slater.

3 things I’ve learned in my 2 months not blogging

If you follow me, you’ve noticed I haven’t given you much to follow in almost two months. I’m going to give you a few excuses, and you will circle the one you will accept with my apology.