my open letter to reese witherspoon

Hey girl, How ya been? I know. I know. When I got my DUI or DWI or whatever the hell they call it these days, I was bummed, too. Obviously Officer McCullough did not realize who I

3 things I’ve learned in my 2 months not blogging

If you follow me, you’ve noticed I haven’t given you much to follow in almost two months. I’m going to give you a few excuses, and you will circle the one you will accept with my apology.

is it friendly or is it annoying?

I need to write today. So I went to this little coffee shop near where I live. Super cute. I believe it’s called Hipsters R Us or something. These places give me an anxiety attack. They were

i could be the bad boy, right??

I’m going to completely blow your mind right now. I never had a drink until after I graduated high school. I didn’t go to too many parties with my high school friends. Rather I spent many a

5 things that will make me think you’re a douche

I think as certain things in the world increasingly aggravate me, my role in changing them will be to bitch about them here. Please feel free to email me suggestions for future “5 douchey things” posts. Listing