high-fiving for the DUI (survival)

Last week Chelsea Handler took a lot of heat about high-fiving Jason Priestly on her show when they acknowledged they had both been arrested for a DUI. The generally criticism was that the two were condoning drinking

TMI! what could over-sharing do for you?

Berty and I were watching Revenge when I bolted up off the couch, out the door, and up stairs where I happened to live. It had to be important, because we love Revenge and it’s very suspenseful,

life is too short for subtle

I suck at bar flirting. It’s awkward for me. Not the whole thing, but the important parts. You know, the part where you seal the deal, either with a date or hell of a one-nighter? I suck.

do u really want to be the jerk at table 7?

I don’t post much about my supplemental income in the service arts. Not because I don’t see it as very respectable employment. When waiting tables was my sole income, the occasional person would ask me, “Did you

coming out of the SHY closet

Can you call it reconnecting with someone if you’re not really sure you had much of a connection to begin with? Whether it was reconnecting or simply the original connecting, I recently chatted it up with an